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Conservative Line

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Our Conservative line provides solutions for dental protection and treatment preservation. OGNA offers three different products for cavity liner and treatments named as Taragua, Calcium Paste and Idrol Ogna. Taragua is a liner containing strontium chloride and copal resin to be used for dental protection of vital stumps, inside dental cavities, before filling or on exposed necks. Calcium Paste is a water-soluble calcium hydroxide with barium sulfate solution for exposed pulp in pulp capping and pulpotomy, leakage canal, apexification, formation of hard tissue barrier and like root canal filling material. Idrol Ogna aids to dehydrate and degrease cavities.

The Conservative line also includes auxiliary products such as Ognablock for the preparation of mixtures of dental products and Bio Orange Solvent, used to remove cement with eugenol and impression materials from teeth, hands and all the stainless tools and surfaces.


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