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Prosthetic Line

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Our Prosthetic line includes solutions for gingival retraction and solutions to apply before the impression taking. The former feature BOMA M.D., Nigrargent and Siccator. Astal Solution, Gengistal and Aluchlor, on the other hand, are specific products designed for gingival retraction. Siccator can also be used for this purpose.

BOMA M.D. is composed of tablets for the removal of the stimulus of vomiting during the capture of dental impressions and during dental treatment. Nigrargent is a solution for the desensitization of vital stumps for the protection of the stump from bacteria. Siccator helps to stop the secretions and gingival serous dreinage near the collar and below the gingival lesions of allowing their treatment in optimum operating condition.

Astal is a 15% ferric sulfate solution for treatment of gingival retraction without serum-haematic secretions. Gengistal is a 25% aluminum sulfate astringent solution for treatment of gingival retractions with non traumatic and homogeneous hemostasis with no capillary alteration. Aluchlor is a hemostatic solution for gingival retraction which does not contain epinephrine.


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