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Control over the entire product chain
Specific know-how in the dental sector
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OGNA manufactures and commercializes solutions for the dental surgery. The constant search for innovative solutions within the dental market and the determination to guarantee excellence to customers has led OGNA to become leader in Italy. We are now a brand recommended by doctors and dental assistants in Italy.

The Clinical product group includes

Dental Local Anesthetic

With the advent of dental local anesthesia, there is never an excuse to not make a patient perfectly comfortable. Newer formulations of these dental local anesthetics show reduced allergic response, and better penetration into tissue to ensure maximum efficacy. With variable time of onset, multiple concentrations of epinephrine, and differing pulpal anesthesia time ranges, you can find the local anesthetic that is perfect for every patient.

MEPIVACAINA 2% OGNA with vaso-constrictor – MEPIVACAINA 3% OGNA without vaso-constrictor
ARTICAINA with vaso-constrictor 1:100.000 OGNA – ARTICAINA with vaso-constrictor 1:200.000 OGNA

Local anaesthetic with an excellent therapeutic index able to guarantee a rapid and effective anaesthesia. Its high anaesthetic power and reliability make it particularly indicated in all conservative and surgical dental operations. Thanks to its amide structure low incidence of side effects and allergic reactions our LIDOCAINA SPRAY 15% is indicated in surface anaesthetics.

Endodontic Line

Endodontic medical device for root canal cementation. A complete line of irrigating solutions to be always successfully in the root canal treatment. One of the main purposes of endodontic therapy is to clean the root canal by removing the pulp tissue or necrotic pulp remnants, any microorganism present in the root canal system and infected dentin.
However the smear layer is formed during root preparation. The smear layer is composed of dentin debris, organic material and microorganism that adhere to the root canal walls obstructing the openings of the dentin tubules, which can hinder the action of medicine in the dentin tubules and root canal system. Removal of this layer is important for the success of the endodontic treatment and is obtained with the use of chemical solutions during root preparation. OGNA is the technologic leader for those medicines.

Detergents and Disinfectants Line

Detergents and Disinfectants. VIRA-LINE offers the disinfection and cleaning of all essential areas in the dental practice.
Production is according to latest Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and design to minimize any potential harm to environment and material: aldehyde-free, low allergy risk potentials, excellent material compatibility are distinctive features of all VIRA-LINE disinfectants.

The company history

OGNA was founded by Giovanni Ogna in Milan at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, thanks to its development, it represents an example of tradition supported by the fourth family generation.

In the thirties, OGNA developed the production of galenical preparations and drugs for the account of third parties, by specializing in almost all required pharmaceutical forms in order to offer chemists a wide range of galenical preparations. According to a constant quality development, the company obtained the desired certification from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the production of generic drugs in theUnited States of Americain 1960.

In 1964, thanks to the experience OGNA got a partnership with some important pharmaceutical companies located in Central Europe the company produced a consolidated range of medicinal specialities and galenical preparations, under its own brand . Today, OGNA is a well-established company in the dental sector . ITs constant efforts of innovation enable to meet Italian dentists’ requirements in dental care field.

Research and business relationships with leading European companies are more and more frequent. The new premises situated in Muggiò, which were opened in 1996, have improved and optimized the production systems by adapting them to new regulations in the pharmaceutical field. The new factory is a three-storey building (1,200 square metresfor each storey), housing finished product and packaging material storerooms, management offices, accounting department, microbiological, physical and chemical laboratories, shipment and raw material storerooms, and all production departments divided according to the pharmaceutical cGMP practice.

The new premises, approved by the Ministry of Health in 1996, comply with the strictest requirements imposed by recent national and international regulations, so as to guarantee a constant and controlled production quality.The old laboratories The constant monitoring and the implementation of procedures for data treatment in quality control processes ensure the compliance of preparations and typical high standards of this production.

In 1998, OGNA obtained ISO 9002 and ISO 46002 certifications for the production and distribution of Medical Devices intended for dental use. In 2005, the company also obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification, thus confirming its constant commitment in accordance with the most rigid international regulations. OGNA is heavily involved in quality and environmental culture management system. The UNI EN ISO 13485 company quality system requires accurate supplier selection, control over all raw materials arriving, the monitoring of semi-finished in-house products to verify the chemical and mechanical characteristics, the validation of processes, in agreement with Production and the Research and Development Laboratory to guarantee reproducibility and constancy in product characteristics and complaint management.


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